What Should You Have Seen or Done in Malawi?


Lake Malawi
Enjoy Lake Malawi and its beautiful white-sanded beaches.

National Parks
A boat safari on the Shire River in Liwonde National Park.
A night game drive on the Nyika Plateau.
Visit Majete Game Reserve, Malawi's only „Big Five“ park.
Enjoy searching for lions, leopards and giraffes at South Luangwa National Park.
Experience game walks in any of these parks.

Scenery and Landscape
See the „island in the sky“: the Mulanje Mountain, surrounded by tea plantations.
Enjoy far views from the Zomba Plateau.
Get tosee the inside of an evergreen forest (Nyika; Zomba or Nkhata Bay).

Culture and Meeting People
In Mua visit the cultural museum; the church and the art gallery.
Visit local colourful markets (e.g. Mzuzu or Zomba).
Visit at least one of the old mission churches (the cathedral in Blantyre or Mua; Livingstonia; Ekwendeni; Makuzi).

Taste Malawi
Find out how bananas can really taste.
Enjoy the taste of local tea and coffee.
At least you should try the local staple food nsima.
Enjoy a chambo or butterfish fresh from the lake.


What is also good to do:

– Visit the rock paintings near Dedza (a UNESCO world heritage site)
– Pay a visit to Livingstonia: where you can see the museum in the Stone House; climb the tower of the old mission church; see Manchewe Waterfalls; and enjoy the far views on Lake Malawi.
– Spend a night at a Cultural Village in a local hut with local food.
– Visit the archeological museum in Karonga. – Pay a visit to Zomba town.
– Pay a visit to Lake Malawi National Park.
– Visit the fish farm in Senga Bay.
– Try to have a look at the Ilala ferry (best at Nkhata Bay only on Mondays and Sundays).
– Pay a visit to one of the museums; in Blantyre, Mangochi or Mzuzu.
– Pay a visit to the pottery shop in Dedza or Nkhotakota.
– Pay a visit to the art galleries in Blantyre and in Mua.
– Pay a visit to a school; or a non-government development project.
– Pay a visit to a traditional healer.
– In September and October you should visit the lookout hide in Lengwe.
– In September and October you should see the large elephant herds in Vwaza.

Popular activities in Malawi include …

… horse-riding on the Zomba Plateau
… scuba diving (Nkhata Bay; Kande; Cape McLear).
… hiking on the Mulanje and Zomba Plateaus.

Before you go to Malawi or while being there, you could …
… read one (or better all) of these books:
– William Kamkwamba: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
– Laurens van der Post: Venture Into the Interior
– David Livingstone: A Popular Account of Dr. Livingstone's Expedition to the Zambezi and Its Tributaries
– The Bradt Travel Guide to Malawi


Our Recommendations in Detail:

Lake Malawi
The number of paradise-like beaches along Lake Malawi is uncountable. There are secluded private beaches (e.g. Makuzi and Safari Beach Lodge at Senga Bay) and there are wide and large stretches of beaches (these are often open to the public): e.g.Chinteche Inn; Cape McLear and Cool Runnings at Senga Bay.
For our sample tours we choose palces that are usually free of wind (blows in other places constantly at least at times); that are free of billharzia; that have private sandy beaches; and a comfortable lodge with good restaurant and service in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.


Boat Safari on the Shire River
A boat safari on the Shire River in Liwonde National Park can be called unique. No other park in Malawi has such an experience on offer. The fascinating tours take about two hours and both mammals and birds are seen usually in abundance; crocodiles rest along the shore, hippos in the river; often elephants come to the river to drink and take a bath.
The boat safari is always guided by a skilled professional guide in well serviced boats.

Night Game Drive on the Nyika Plateau
The density of both, leopard and serval cat on the Nyika Plateau is remarkably high and chances to see one of these beautiful creatures, or even both are extremely good. Other interesting nocturnal species on the plateau include hyena; jackal; porcupine; honey badger; forest and red duikers; elephant shrew as well as spotted eagle and grass owls and pennant-winged and rwenzori nightjars.
Please click here for more information about the Nyika National park

Night Game Drive in Majete Game Reserve
This is the only park in Malawi that holds the so-called Big Five: lion; leopard; rhino; elephant and buffalo. While elephant and buffalo are commonly seen in day-time, the other three are more of a challenge. There is always a chance to see rhino or lion, and if not there are still plenty of other interesting species to be seen.
Please click here for more information about the Majete Game Reserve.

South Luangwa Luangwa National Park
The South Luangwa National Park is one of the great parks of the African continent; it is famous for its great opportunities to see both, lion and leopard.
The access to South Luangwa National Park is easier from Malawi's capital Lilongwe than from Lusaka and can be easily integrated in a trip through Malawi. Lion, leopard, hyena, elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hippo and crocodile are numerous and chances to see them are as good as anywhere else in Africa.
Please click here for more information about the South Luangwa National Park.

Game Walks
Game walks are always conducted by a skilled guide and escorted by an armed ranger. The game walk originates from the South and North Luangwa Parks and therefore these great parks are popular for this adventurous type of experience. But they will be as fascinating in any other park as long as being conducted by a knowledgeable guide.
The main interest of a game walk is not to find a lot of large mammals. The walk focusses on all the things in the wild that are likely to be missed on a game drive. And these are many. Flowers, trees and fruits; inse